About TKPS

Dedication. Perhaps this is the best expression of the reason for being TKPS - Turn Keys de Processos e Sistemas Lda, which comes naturally to consolidate a wide professional experience.

Dedication to a successful career over the years, with numerous innovative projects developed in several countries.

Dedication to Excellence in Engineering. Dedication to Professional Ethics and Human Values in dealing with Companies and other colleagues. Dedication, now, to the commitment to make life's learning available to a world in deep

Three friends meet, as if by chance after a long journey, and the circumstances that appear indicate changing the direction of their lives to start a new endeavor, and thus begins the activities of TKPS.
What we did and do at TKPS is described in the presentation of our services.
And so, it is with great pleasure that we put our total dedication to support you in your projects.

Acacio Costa
Paulo Roberto Bueno Machado
Roberto Menna Barreto